Hogeschool Rotterdam

The Netherlands, Rotterdam


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) is one of the five largest universities of Applied Sciences in the central urban region of the Netherlands (the ‘Randstad metropool’). The university has as a mission to connect education and students to the city and region of Rotterdam and, if possible and needed, to the world. All faculties of the university offer practice based educational projects in their program to prepare students for their future. The main approach is therefore practice-based. The university hosts five knowledge centers in different fields of education. Specifically, the Research Centre Innovation in Care aims at innovating the approaches of both health promotion and long-term care. Students of RUAS in collaboration with research lecturers, professors, professionals, citizens and business partners carry out several innovation projects. By addressing real life challenges, such as how to manage heat, it is possible to gain knowledge and put it in into practice. Concrete activities include the daily practice of nursing homes, daily lives of independently living older persons and the curricula of education of future health care professionals.

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